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Daesung Total Heat Treatment Co., Ltd. is a proven high-frequency heat treatment provider.To create value for customers, we have worked in the automobile, construction machine, agricultural machine, and other fields for over 20 years through technical development and customer satisfaction. We are currently supplying heat treatment to GM, Renault Samsung, SssangYong, Ford, and other motor companies.

Daesung Total Heat Treatment Co., Ltd. is extending its business fields.We purchased 3,662 pyeong of land in Dodong Industrial Complex, Euiryeong-gun, Gyeongnam, in 2013 to extend our business by installing the automated ball stud high-frequency heat treatment line.

Daesung Total Heat Treatment Co., Ltd. makes continuous efforts for technical development.To become the No. 1 player in the high-frequency heat treatment and surface treatment, we have established a technical research center and proven our technology with our intellectual properties including 7 patent registrations and 20 patent applications through the strong industrial–academic–research partnership several universities in Busan and Gyeongnam, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, and Automobile Part Support Center.

Daesung Total Heat Treatment Co., Ltd. values talents.We are making efforts to find talents in the belief that they guarantee the success of our future. With creative, responsible, and accountable talents, we seek the customer satisfaction and value based on passion, a challenging spirit, and confidence.

We achieve the best results with the best facilities and efforts.We are adjusting to ourselves to the ever-changing management environment and will become an innovator to create customer value in the global era.