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“People” are our assets.

Management Philosophy
Innovator to create the customer value

Management Objective

Harmonizing and considering business culture, Creative thinking–centered management, Development of sustainable growth base and discovery of new growth engine

Growth Vision

  • KOSDAQ listing by 2020
  • Establishment of awareness as a metal heat treatment specialist
  • Best technologies in heat treatment, surface treatment, coating, and precision grinding

1995 - Development of base to sustain business, 2005 - Development of base for technical development and takeoff, 2015 - Development of business capabilities, 2020 - Development of business capabilities

Core Values

Technical Innovation, Respect for Human, Customer Satisfaction, Global-Orientedness, Social Contribution

Information-Based Management Policy

Information-Based Management PolicyImproved competitiveness through continuous improvement and active application of information system based on the
establishment of a quality management system and continued work improvement
Development of an integrated production management system to satisfy customers and support sales

Information-Based Management Objectives

40 PPM of delivery defect ratio, 30% improved sales through higher productivity, 100% delivery rate, Management cost saving by 20%